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Audience: aimed at health personnel, public health authorities, people living with the virus (PVHTLV), their relatives, and all those who wish to receive information on clinical and laboratory diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases associated with HTLV and the surveillance situation. in South American countries. Objective: to facilitate knowledge and strengthen the articulation of professional teams through an integrated approach to train, communicate and disseminate about HTLV infection. Content: the theoretical framework on generalities, pathogenesis, treatment of diseases associated with HTLV and diagnostic algorithm will be provided with particular emphasis on molecular techniques. Evidence will also be provided on current surveillance and oriented management in the field of Public Health in different South American countries. There will be a space for PVHTLV testimonials in order to demonstrate what it means to receive a blood bank report, to live with HTLV, to access the Health system. Each of the modules will include a space for questions and debate and the course will close with conclusions and perspectives. Download the Course Program.


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All about HTLV Virtual Training