HTLV 2022

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The 20th International Conference on Human Retrovirology

HTLV and Related Viruses aims to focus on Oceania and especially Australia for the first time in the history of this conference. In 2022 we aim to emphasise the need to increase HTLV-1 public health and social science research output in the global response to HTLV-1. This new emphasis is a direct response to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recent global consultation on HTLV-1 that called for global initiatives to reduce the HTLV-1 burden. The HTLV 2022 conference is hosted virtually by Melbourne, Australia on behalf of IRVA, the International Retrovirology Association and will be in Australian Eastern Standard Time. We hope to announce a face to face Melbourne hub for those able to travel pending the evolving COVID-19 pandemic in Australia.

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HTLV 2022