IMPACT GRANT PAHO/UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme: Latin America and Caribbean Region

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This grant opportunity specifically seeks application for HTLV research “Human T-lymphotropic virus infection (HTLV-1/2)”

  *   Design, pilot and evaluate an innovative model of care and service delivery in maternal and child health that address the prevention of MTCT of HTLV, with a public health approach and integrated with other diseases.

  *   Cost-effectiveness studies of the implementation of public health policies for the prevention, diagnosis and care of HTLV (with a focus on mother-to-child transmission).

  *   Evaluation and optimization of algorithms for the diagnosis of HTLV, aiming at reducing the cost of testing.

Please note while it is for the LAC region not all scientists have to be based in the LAC. Our IRVA LAC regional advisors are

  *   Prof Eduardo Gottuzzo:<>

  *   Prof Edwin Tulloch-Reid:<>


  *   Dr Carolina Rosdas de Oliveira: our junior rep<> and

  *   Prof Fernanda Grassi:<>

are also based/from the LAC region so may be able to assist you.

Please, please, please put your heads together and develop joint grant applications!

Expand your network, make friends and create cross-regional collaborations!

This is a huge opportunity for us all and especially for people who suffer the most from HTLV-1.

REMEMBER to consult the community and patients- indeed invite them to join you on your grant application as your advisors!

This will increase your chance to create a meaningful grant and be a successful grant recipient!

Let your regional representatives know if you need any further information or assistance.

Your IRVA Executive Committee is here to help.

Click here for the link

DEADLINE 10 October 2022​

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