An overview of #WorldHTLVDay2019

by | May 3, 2022 | News

In summary, #HTLV and #WorldHTLVDay have gained momentum in the mainstream press and on social media, as you can deduce from the following numbers:

  1. Counting Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts with these hashtags, >300,000 impressions were counted in the last week (figures below).
  2. Posts originated worldwide, with the top 10 countries as follows: Brazil, Portugal, US, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, UAE, UK, Japan and Belgium.
  3. Top 5 languages of HTLV posts are Portuguese, English, Spanish, Arabic and Persian.
  4. Since last year, our Twitter account @HTLVnet grew from <100 to 278 followers.
  5. Our IRVA website now has links to Patient Advocacy websites in Brazil, Japan, UK and Iran.
  6. For a complete overview of what was happening worldwide, go to our “World HTLV Day” page or the new “Let’s talk about HLV” page, which have currently dozens of links to events, press releases, both pages have tripled our total number of followers to almost 700.

A warm “Thank You” to all those giving interviews, conferences, reaching out to the press or taking to the streets distributing T-shirts, folders, pins, holding bake sales, tweeting, sharing photos and videos on your websites and social media. We have definitely put HTLV on the global map and have hopefully also drawn the attention of relevant stakeholders such as governments and WHO.

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