Getting ready for #WorldHTLVDay2019

by | May 3, 2022 | News

November 10 will be the 2nd edition of ‘World HTLV Day’, launched in 2018 by IRVA to raise HTLV awareness worldwide. Considering HTLV-1 infection has still not been recognized as “neglected disease”, we need this 2019 edition to be “bigger and better” than the first!

The first step was the competition for a new international ‘World HTLV Day’ logo and slogan.

Below are the two new proposals (left-hand and middle figure) and the international logo and the embedded slogan “HTLV ≠ HIV” from last year (right-hand picture). Voting was either by e-mail , Twitter @htlvnet or Facebook @WorldHTLVDay accounts. Most voted was logo 1 (77.3%), which is now the official #WorldHTLVDay 2019 logo. So yes, “It’s time to care about HTLV”!

Proposed logo 1

Proposed logo 2

Logo from last year

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